Residential Lettings & Property Management


Your property is a long-term investment that should generate you income and capital growth. Looking after it properly will help prevent this stream of income being disrupted.

However, none of us can guard against the unexpected or accidents. We therefore offer information on a range of insurance products through HOMELET, one of the leading specialist insurer for landlords and Tenants.

The following are the most popular products taken up by many of our Landlords:


  • Buildings Insurance
    Includes loss of rent, re-letting costs, employer's and property owners liability
  • Full Contents Insurance
    New for old contents cover including loss of rent, re-letting costs, employer's and property owners liability
  • Limited Contents Cover
    Covers carpets, curtains, sunblinds, light fixtures and fittings and kitchen white goods together with employer's liability and landlord's liability as owner of limited contents
  • Legal Expenses
    £50,000 cover for legal expenses incurred whilst evicting an unauthorised occupier or collecting unpaid rent
  • Rent Guarantee and Legal expenses
    Peace of mind for landlords. With certain conditions this cover can guarantee rental income for up to 12 months and includes legal expenses as above
  • Emergency Assistance
    Covers the cost of a contractor's call out and labour charges, parts and materials for most emergencies. Does not cover central heating or hot water


Each product is designed to suit a particular purpose. Please call for more details and we will send you the appropriate leaflets and proposal forms.


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