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How do we value your property?

We use a combination of experience, market research, comparative analysis and market sentiment to reach a fair and realistic rental value.

The key physical features that increasingly impact on property rental values are:
•    Central heating.
•    Double Glazing.
•    Modern fixtures and fittings.
•    Good standard of decoration.

•    Hard-wearing and quality flooring. 
•    En-suite. 
•    Garage and off road parking. 
•    Garden and outside space. 

•    Is there a high proportion of similar properties for rent in the same area?
•    Have they been on the market for a long period of time?
•    Good road and rail links?
•    Close to local ameneties? 

Once we have assessed all the above and compared your property to others we have let, and those already on our books, we will propose a monthly rental value.

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