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How do we value your property?

There is no magic formula, so we use a combination of experience, market research, comparative analysis and market sentiment to reach a fair rental value.

The key physical features that increasingly impact on property rental values are:
•    Double-glazing
•    Easily maintained garden
•    Shower, or preferably a power shower
•    Whether the fittings and fixtures modern and functional
•    Broadband Internet access
•    Modern fridge, washing machine and other white goods
•    Hardwearing floors and good quality carpets

•    Is there a high proportion of similar properties for rent in the same area?
•    Have they been empty for any length of time?
•    Are there newly built similar homes nearby?
•    Is there anything special about your property that distinguishes it from all the rest?

Once we have assessed all the above and compared your property to others we have let, and those already on our books, we will propose a monthly rental value.

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